Running Springs Farmer’s Market and Artisan Faire May 2-Sept. 26

farmer and wifeThe annual Running Springs Farmer’s Market and Artisan Faire, sponsored each year by the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce, is right around the corner.

From May 2 through September 26 every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the area between First Mountain Bank and the Running Springs Library is filled with colorful booths and displays. This event has been a huge success and it features many local vendors as well as “off the mountain” vendors so come and see what’s being offered.  The chamber of commerce is grateful to the board of directors of the water district for their continued support of this community event and to allow the use of their property each weekend for this fun event. This year there are several special days you won’t want to miss at the market.

On May 9 special Mother’s Day gifts will be available. May 16 will feature an event that was held last year…the Home Expo. Local vendors  who are licensed in various home improvement services in our local communities are featured on this day so come and find out more about what’s available in our local areas for all types of services. Remember, try to hire local experienced contractors  who live in our local communities…..they’re our neighbors!  I know they will appreciate the local support. To participate in the Home Expo local mountain  business men and women should contact the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce at (909) 867-2411.

Antique lovers and those who cherish great collectibles need to make sure they go to the market on May 23 because there will be plenty of these vendors at the market.

On May 30 last year’s great Snow Valley promotion will be back. This promotion allows Farmer’s Market merchandise buyers who spend a minimum of $25 will receive one “anytime” lift ticket at Snow Valley. There will be a limit of two passes per day, per person, and this promotion will be good on the last Saturday of each month. A minimum of 100 tickets will be available each Saturday of the program and it will go on until the supply of tickets is gone. Tickets are valid for ski or snowboard lifts at the famous local ski and snowboard resort.

Come and enjoy this terrific community event. There are vendors selling an enormous variety of items and if nothing else, come and enjoy and look around. You’ll be amazed at the variety of items being sold and while you’re there pick up some of the delicious pesticide-free vegetables and other delicious goodies that are for sale.In addition to food there are  creative artistic paintings, clothing, food, crafts and so much more.

Come and check out all the vendors. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy a nice sunny day,





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