A New Program Through Rec and Park District: Volunteens

rim-pr-logoThe Rim of the World Recreation and Park District wants “you,” yes you to attend the Volunteen’s Annual Summer Palooza. This is a free admission, ‘carnival like’ event that is planned for July 27. The volunteens are working hard at organizing and they hope to raise enough money to include carnival rides, blowup water  slides and other water features, games and prizes, free giveaways for the community and a whole lot more. Sounds like a fabulous event to me!

The teens are looking for Summer Palooza supporters and/or mountain vendors to be a part of the fun. They encourage businesses, organizations and companies to register to be an event exhibitors or to purchase a sponsor banner that will be hung before, after and during the event. This is a great publicity idea for local business owners to show their support for this great group of young people who live and help in our local areas.

The Rim of the World Volunteens are a group of young adults who volunteer their time in the community. they sign-up for various events and help with various projects for businesses and/or organizations here on the mountain. Besides helping other, the Volunteen program helps teenagers build job skills, gain community connections, provide a real plus on college applications and resumes and it serves as a resource to help local mountain youth with their future.

for more information on this unique program call or send an em-mail to: Brooklynn Tanner, Volunteen coordinator/programs and facility administrator at (909) 337-7275. E-mails can also be sent to: btaanner@rim-rec-org.






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