Did You Know There’s a Mountain Cinema Club?

drawing ticketsIn case you’re reading this and you didn’t know there is a mountain cinema club….now you do!

The members of this fun and interesting group consist of residents and visitors who love foreign films.  The club will be hosting the third film in this year’s spring series at the Blue Jay Cinema where all the films are shown. Come enjoy the fun on Wednesday, May 6 at the 2:30 p.m. matinée or at 5:30 p.m.

“The Dark Valley”  is the upcoming film and it should  be  quite intriguing as it is from Austria. It is pegged as a drama, mystery and a thriller). The plot line includes a hidden path a lone rider reaches a little town high up in the Austrian Alps. Nobody knows where this stranger came from nor what he’s doing there. However, everyone knows they do not want him to stay.

With the magnificence of beautiful Austria the backdrop this film should be worth the price of admission if only because of the beautiful locale. Just think, it’s a whole lot cheaper than flying to the Alps.

The charge for individual film tickets is $10.

For further information on the Mountain Cinema Club send an e-mail to: movies@mountaincinemaclub.com.



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