Rim Communities for Youth Sponsoring “Community Night”

hands reaching outWith the advent of digital technology, cellphones and social media in particular, another local Community Night will be held to inform parents about how the dangers these devices and programs can affect their children.
This special event, known as Community Night, will be held at 6:30 p.m. on May 12 at Mary Putnam Henck intermediate School. Internet safety will be the focus of a presentation that San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Service Specialist Gilbert Flores will discuss. This subject will be an “eye-opener” for some parents but in order to help them grasp the potential problems with internet safety perhaps their eyes need to be opened.

Some parents may not even know the dangers of this d0igital age we all live in but Sheriff Flores will present tools and solutions for parents to help them protect their children from the potential risks. Flores encourages parents to take their children because the information will benefit children and adults of all ages.

a question and answer panel following the presentation will include Sheriff Flores, representatives from our local schools administration and a student from Rim of the World High School.

Mary Putnam Henck is located at 730 Rhine Road in Lake Arrowhead. A free hot dog dinner will be provided by Rim Family Services.

This event is brought to the community by MPH, Rim Family Services, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Twin Peaks station, Mountains Community Hospital, Lake Arrowhead Elementary School and the Rim Communities for Youth Coalition.

For more information call (909) 336-1800 and ask for  Chris Barrett at Rim Family Services.


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