Want to Help the People in Nepal? Here Are Ways to Donate!

Regardless of all the horrible news we hear about the world’s situation, the awful things that people around the globe do to each other there is always hope. With that in mind here is a list of non-govermental organizations or agencies that are responding to the unbelievable tragedy in Napal from the recent earthquake. All of these agencies can and will happily accept donations to be sent to the Napal relief. Look up their websites on your computer and donate whatever you can. This list shows, in so many ways, while people around the globe may be very different in their ideologies, their cultures, their financial situations, their way of life but when push comes to shove and tragedy strikes someplace in the world people come together to help. Please be one of those!

Actionaid, Action Against Hunger, ADRA Napal, All Hands Volunteers, AmeriCares, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, American Red Cross, Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team, BRAC, Care USA, Concern Worldwide, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Convoy of Hope, Child Fund International, Christian Blind Mission, Direct Relief, Doctors of the World, Doctors Without Borders, GOAL Global, Global Giving, Habitat for Humanity, Handicap International and Heart to Heart International.

From one human being to all of the rest of you humans who read this blog post, please do what you can to help.Remember that happy go-lucky Disney song, It’s a Small World? Well, it is and a huge portion of people need help desperately.




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