Winter Storm Information from Caltrans

Caltrans logoI received an updated storm warning today (Thursday, May 7) from Caltrans as the storm moves into southern California.

The storm has already been moving in (as it is terribly foggy in Running Springs and elsewhere in the mountains, I’m sure.

According to the National Weather Service snow is expected to reach roadways at or above the 5,000 foot level which is likely to impact mountains roads in San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

Motorists should prepare for a longer commute time if they are traveling to the mountains and points “north” on Friday. Caltrans encourages everyone to pack a winter care kit and keep it in your vehicle. Be sure to carry chains, just in case.

Caltrans maintenance crews are prepared and are working around the clock to keep local highways and interstates open. They encourage all drivers to follow any directions given to them by the California Highway patrol and to maintain a safe distance behind Caltrans equipment…a minimum of 200 feet.

For more information log onto: and sign up for Commuter Media E-mail Alerts. You can also view traffic/chain conditions at If you want to follow Caltrans on Twitter the address is



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