We All Have Loss At Some Time: Here’s Help on the Mountain With Coping With It!

LifeFlapper1922Loss is one of those things that everyone will have during their lifetimes. The loss of a loved one, a treasured pet, the loss of a job, health issues, a divorce or separation, the loss of good friends, losing a home to foreclosure,  a long term injury or illness are only some of the loss that human beings suffer, some more than others.

If you are having difficulties coping with loss you should plan to attend the next workshop(s) of “Healing From Loss” in Rimforest.

Local resident Paulina Rael Jarmillo, M.A., PCCI, will be holding a series of  grief recovery workshop that begin on May 17,

Topics that will be covered include fear, denial, anger, hurt, guilt, depression, letting go and setting new goals. The three sessions will total eight hours. Paulina has a master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Cal State University San Bernardino and she is registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences. She is also a professional Clinical Counselor Intern  and she has worked with families and youth in various capacities including crisis intervention and maintenance.

Everyone suffers loss (or many losses) during their lives and what one person can consider “loss” another person may not.

For more information call (909) 723-2054 or send an e-mail to: Paulina.jaramillo@charter.net. Her website is: Grief-Recovery.org.

The charge for all  the the workshops and a two-book set plus many handouts is $129.

Oftentimes it difficult to know where to turn for help with whatever grief experience people are having. It’s good to know there is someone so close, in our local mountain communities, who has the experience, the knowledge and the compassion for others who can help people move into a better life and outlook on life.









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