Dave Stuart Stepping Down from Hearts and Lives! Luvia Rodriguez Selected as Interim Executive Director

Hearts & Lives 3Throughout the decades there have been people who move to our mountain communities and with their arrival they are able, through effort, understanding their new communities and its needs, to make huge changes that remain in place for decades.

That being said one of the original founders of Hearts and Lives, Dave Stuart, will take his final bow after 11 and one-half years of directing this unique non-profit organization. Dave and Ira Maser began this program after the 2003 Old Fire that devastated so many homes and businesses in the mountain communities. Through their efforts and understanding of the necessity of getting help and hope to as many fire victims as possible, in the quickest and easiest way possible, this non-profit organization was born. Throughout the years this non-profit has helped literally thousands of local mountain residents with an enormous variety of issues and situations where they needed help or guidance (or both).

Well, Dave Stuart is retiring but he is happy to report and is joined by the Hearts and Lives board of directors that Luvia Rodriguez has been selected to fill the position of Interim Executive Director. Her position becomes  effective on July 1.

Lucia has been a 25-year mountain resident and her passion for education and assisting youth led her to start working as a volunteer, offering a free bilingual school readiness program to help english language learners be better prepared for school.

In 1997 Luvia became a domestic violence counselor and she worked  as a bilingual program coordinator for a local domestic violence organization. She has been acknowledged by the County Superintendent of Schools for her contribution and commitment to the academic excellence and by the State Senate and County Board of Supervisors for her work on advancing the status of women.

Throughout the years Luvia continued working for organizations that focused on children’s and families well-being and as of today she directs the Hearts and Lives EIIS program (Early Identification and Intervention Services). This program serves newborns to six-year-old children.

The mission at Hearts and Lives remains unchanged. The organization will continue to address the needs of residents in the Rim mountain communities through case management, education, direct services, referrals and their collaborating with government and non-profit community resource providers. The organization’s board expects continued growth in the years ahead, as additional funding becomes available and new programs will be added in the near future.

For more information regarding community programs visit http://www.heartsandlives.org. or call the agency at (909) 338-3222. The office is located at 24028 Lake Drive, Suite A in Crestline.





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