A Little Bit of Irish Fun and Great Trip to Ireland You Can Take!

bagpipes1With ole’ St. Padddy’s Day right around the corner I sat here at my computer listing to Bing Crosby singing my favorite lullabye, “Tur-a-Lura-A-Lur-a” and it was beautiful and emotional to hear his melodic voice singing such a beautiful,  song that was written to honor mothers as they sang to their babies.

When my children (John and Amanda) were babies I used to sing that to them and while I didn’t sing it nearly as well as “Der Bingle” my daughter sang it to her babies and I thoroughly intend  to sing it to my newest four-month-old baby grandson, Travis.

While I won’t be in Ireland for this year’s big celebration (nor have I ever been to the beautiful Emerald Isle) each year I print this wonderful story about Ireland that my great friend Pete Shaw wrote so many years ago when I had my newspaper (The Alpenhorn) in Running Springs in the 1980s.

Pete is an Irishman at heart and when he visited Ireland many years ago I know he left part of his heart at that beautiful Emerald Isle.

If you’re wishing you could see the green, green isle of Ireland then you need to log onto laurel@PictureYourselfTraveling.com or call her at (909) 908-2231. As a travel agent she is leading an elegant 10-day tour of Ireland this October. She has been a longtime travel agent so this trip will, undoubtedly, be fabulous for everyone involved.

An olde Irish postcard from about 1911. The bridge is called Old Weir Bridge near Dinis, Ireland in Killarney National Park. Wouldn't you love to be sittin' there with your bonnie darlin' on St. Patrick's Day?

The tour dates are October 8-17 and if you arrange your own air travel the charge is only $2,999 The tour includes LAX airfare round trip, transfers and transportation to LAX and a fully escorted tour with Collette Vacations.

Just think….you could be kissing the Blarney Stone this September as well as sleeping in a castle, visiting one of those great Irish whiskey distilleries and visiting the Guiness storehouse. Without a slurp or two of Guiness you simply wouldn’t be in Ireland!

For more information call Laurel Leidner at (909) 908-2231 to find out more details. This fun tour is being billed as the Lake Arrowhead Communities Chamber of Commerce Elegant Ireland Tour and I have absolutely no doubt that it will be the trip of a lifetime and you may find yourself traveling with friends or making a whole lot of new ones.



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