Forwarding Wishes Hosted Mother’s Day Tea: The Queen Herself Would Have Loved it!

My newest grandbaby and his mommie loved the Mother's Day Tea. His sisters came too and we had such fun! How special!
My newest grandbaby and his mommie loved the Mother’s Day Tea. His sisters came too and we had such fun! How special!

Mothers….if you didn’t get to the perfectly delightful Mother’s Day Tea last Sunday at Forwarding Wishes you missed a lot!

I went with my daughter and my granddaughters and they all loved it and wait for next year. This shop is filled with antiques, beautiful crystal pieces a fireplace that adds to the ambiance as well as some bedding and clothes.

The area for the tea was simply made for tea and “high tea” it was. If they do this again next year, don’t miss it. Take your daughters, your daughters-in-law, your neighbor’s daughters or borrow a daughter from someone. I tell you, you’ll love it.

Each time the talented, artistic owner of this delightful shop hosts an event it is very special. Ginger has quite an eye for decorating and this event was so much fun. My granddaughters loved picking out skewers of fresh fruit and so delicately eating it. I know they had a great time and if it’s done again they’re apt to be the first in line,

If you missed it, it’s a shame. My granddaughters, my daughter and myself had a lovely time. What little girls don’t love to dress up and wear fancy things? In fact, what grown woman doesn’t like the same thing.

Forwarding Wishes is a small shop on Hilltop Blvd. and Palo Alto. This particular property has been many different businesses throughout the years but Grumpy’s Bakery was on the top level for many years. Many years ago when the Golden Oaks started their thrift store it was first located in the small shop now known as delightful “Forwarding Wishes.”

Stop in and take a look at the goodies. Who knows….you might just find what you’re looking for and if not for you then for a friend as a gift. This shop reminds me of some I was in so many, many years ago in London. I don’t know why it makes me feel like that but it does.



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