Looking Back to August-September 1972 in Running Springs

man working late cartoonI am having such fun going through so many different newspapers I have that tell the tale of our history in 1972 and earlier. It’s exciting and interesting because we, who live in our communities now, generally don’t really know much about what happened before we moved to the mountains,

from 1972: The Sleigh Belles Fashion Show was set for October 1, 1972.  The Woman’s Club of Running Springs invited both men and women to view the very latest in fashions that were to be presented by Sleigh Bells on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 1. The fashion show was to start at 3 p.m. with the latest ski and winter fashions for snow bunnies as well as accomplished skiers would be featured. (JM: Sleigh Belles was a beautiful store that specialized in women’s wear and it was a going business for decades. It was probably the most “elegant” of all the shops and they did a great business for many, many years. It was located next to the laundromat on Hilltop Blvd. close to the large white two-story building on Hilltop Blvd, that was originally called, several decades ago, the LeMonte building. That building currently houses a beauty salon and on the second floor is Dan Teter’s real estate office.

I digressed….sorry. (Back to the fashion show)…many of you longtime residents will recognize some of the names of the models at the Sleigh Belles Fashion show which must have been, really fun. The models were Nancy Herbst, Patricia Taylor, Yvonne Baker, Mary Wagner, Joann Hassett and Nancy Schaufler. The male models included Karl Kahmann, George Pecarovich, Francis Stutz, Richard Herbst and Ron Schaufler. (The Pecarovich family went on to own the Supply Pad which was painted bright red and was located on the offramp to R.S. from Hwy. 330). That building currently houses a chiropractic office.

The fashion show chairwoman was Miriam Weller (who I absolutely adored) and Rene Herbst. These women were in charge of the decorations and Dorothy Subers (who I also adored) was responsible for the refreshments. Carol Day handled the tickets.

Joan: This story, from 43-years-ago is such fun because our communities have changed so much and back then, in the early 1970s our mountain areas were very different.

I love writing history from these old newspapers I cherish. It’s great fun and this story I particularly enjoyed because I knew so many of the people who were mentioned in this original story. Great women….all of them!




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