Love to Walk the Mountains? Carry an Airhorn!

Air Horn Stock Photography - 28940892Today on one of the local chat websites someone in Arrowbear has posted that there is a bobcat that she saw in the vicinity of the Arrowbear ballfield on Saturday, May 16. If you’re in the area  be cautious. After all, they were all here first before people settled into the area but it doesn’t mean it’s not disconcerting to know they’re right in the neighborhood.

A friend of mine who is sooooooo smart about our native animals told me a few years ago that people who are out for a great walk in the forest (or perhaps, even in our communities) should carry an airhorn with them. It is brilliant idea because you can blow the air horn and the animal you’re seeing close by is going to run the other way. Air horns are cheap so if you like to walk our beautiful mountains, remember, it’s their beautiful mountains too and their descendents were here long before people were. Take an air horn just to be safe. It’s a great idea!


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