Nall Chiropractic Offering 10% Discount Till End of the May

If you’ve been considering going to Nall Chiropractic on Hwy. 18 in Running Springs now might be a good time to book an appointment. Until the end of this month (May) all services will be 10 percent off.

Roma is such a wonderful, gentle chiropractor so if you’ve ever heard horror stories about chiropractors don’t even think she’s one of those kind. With her loving countenance and support for her patients Roma truly is very special, not just at her job but at her life.

When Dr. Chase retired and sold the practice he looked long and hard for someone he felt would be an asset to the business but more than that, would  have the same gentle touch and work ethic that he had all those years. He found Roma and I know that if he hadn’t passed away a few years ago he would be thrilled to know that this loving, gentle, caring woman has become such a wonderful asset to the Running Springs community. I like to think our friend, Dr. Chase, is cheering her on and is thrilled at her success.

Dr. Nall utilizes the Graston techniques which is a therapeutic method for diagnosing and treating problems of the skeleton and their related muscles.

For information on this special or to book an appointment or seek advice call (909) 867-4700.



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