Another Fabulous AH Arts Concert: The Four Preps Were Fabulous!

Four Preps concert 051Last night the beautiful ballroom at the Lake Arrowhead Resort was filled to the “gills” with members and supporters of the fabulous long-standing Arrowhead Arts Association. This event was very special and there wasn’t an extra seat to be found when the classic 1960s and 1970s group, “The Four Preps” took to the stage in the hotels’ beautiful ballroom.Four Preps concert 062

To put it mildy, anybody who was a “baby boomer” was absolutely in heavy and I know there were a lot of people singing quietly along with this talented group that throughout the decades has thrilled “baby boomers” with such hits as “Down by the Station,” Santa Catalina,” “A Lazy Summer Night” and on and on and on. If you were sitting in that ballroom (as I was) I can attest to the fact that 99.99 percent of those guests felt like they were right back in high school or college. Last night’s performance was one to remember, that’s for sure.

It was fun to watch some couples (led at first by Bob and Diane Gladwell) quietly dance and enjoy the incredible concert, the lyrics and the atmosphere that prevailed in that beautiful room.

While, through the decades, some of the original Four Preps have moved Diane and at Four Preps(one way or the other) their replacements and their harmony as a group is so terrific that everyone sitting in that room absolutely lapped up all the great sounds and wrapped their minds around great memories of long ago.

With hits in the 1950s and 1960s, the Four Preps held the spotlight for many, many years and those of us who were teens lapped it all up. To see and hear this group was a thrill and the “teenagers” that were at the resort lapped up every single second of great music, great memories and so much fun.

Thank you Arrowhead Arts Association for giving all of us “oldies but goodies” great memories of high school, boyfriends, girlfriends, going to the beach, having great times with our friends and staying out longer than mom or dad said.

If you miss this “look back” to great old-time, with this great old music, you don’t know what you missed! Words cannot explain what a wonderful time we “oldies but goodies” had at this event. I know everyone is that beautiful huge ballroom enjoyed every single moment!

The thundering, long applause and very enthusiastic standing ovation the group received told the tale of this great nostalgic event, far more than any words I can think of right now.

Because this incredible group of dedicated music supporters does so much to bring music to the mountains throughout the years they have sponsored and thrilled literally thousands of residents and visitors with the musical performances they bring to local residents who are fortunate enough to attend these exciting musical events.

As part of the organization’s outreach one of the main programs they supply is to help local Rim of the World students (even home-schooled students) with financial help to learn to play a musical instrument. Through this organization’s continued devotion to helping local children learn to enjoy, and often play, magnificent music. In so many different ways these members are passing the torch, so to speak, to younger generations who, hopefully, will do the same as they age.

Oh, what a night!



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