Nancy: You Taught Me So Much!

431My sister, Nancy Lee Roberts, died three days ago, surrounded by her loving friends and family. In many ways, throughout the years her friends have been her family as Nancy happily moved many years ago to the small town of Clovis in Central California.

It was, right from the start, a match made in heaven as Nancy’s life literally started in some ways, when she moved to the small community she loved so much.

Nancy was truly one of a kind and as her sister and as we got older I grew to love her and honor her more and more and more. She had such loving friends in Clovis and she was the president of the state gold panning association so she had many, many friends in central California. These friends became her family as her “real” family is spread in southern California and Alaska.

Her passing came as a huge shock but her body finally gave out from the cancers that overtook what had always been her extremely strong body.

Nancy is in a better place now, I know, but as her sister I am devastated. My cousin Valerie and I went up as soon as we heard she was dying  and we made it in time to be able to love her and talk to her before she passed.

Needless to say, her loss is an enormous blow for her friends who loved her so much, her longtime mate and the thousand or so members of the Gold Panning Association.

For awhile I need to be able to mourn and come to terms with this enormous loss. I had such respect for her. She had a wonderful welcoming personality and she loved life, her friends and Clovis.

My posting on my blog is apt to be sporatic for the next few weeks but as this chapter of my life with Nancy comes full fold, I will be able to concentrate more on what I love to do which is to write.

I will miss Nancy until the day I see her myself. I honor her life so much as she had a hard row to hoe until she found her place in that small community of Clovis where she was loved and honored and will remain so by so many people.



2 thoughts on “Nancy: You Taught Me So Much!

  1. laurie loest

    So sorry Joan, there are no words that can be said when you lose a sister but just know my prayers are with you and the family that you find comfort in her memory and that she loved life so much and that would be her wish for all of you to smile and rejoice she is at peace. Blessings to all of you. If she was anything like you she was amazing.

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