Do You Have a Talent or Skill to Share With the Mountain Communities? If so, Read this!

RimBannerNewIf you have a special talent or skill you would like to share with the residents of the local mountain communities the Rim of the World Recreation and Park Districts wants to talk with you.

The district is always looking for new and exciting classes to offer to local residents so if you have a new, unique and fun idea for a class submit a program proposal for/application to the recreation district. Recently the district has received interest for fitness and/or sports programs for adults and teenagers and ideas for new sports or fitness programs for adults and teens are more than welcome. In addition any and all unique classes are welcome for consideration.

Program proposals must be submitted in time for their consideration so if you have a class proposal it is important that you turn in your submittal form several months before. For example, if you are considering a fall/winter session for October through December the proposal must be turned in on or before July 1. For winter/springs sessions (from January 1 to May 31) proposals are due November 1. Lastly, for the summer session which begins June 1 and ends September 30 the proposal due date is March 1.

Once a proposal has been submitted the park district will review the proposal and contact the applicant’s references. Naturally someone from the park district will contact the potential instructor to schedule a meeting to finalize the class, review the new instructor orientation packet and complete all the appropriate paperwork to initiate the new contract.

For information or questions call the recreation district office at (909) 337-7275 or send an e-mail to: Request a proposal today and get the ball rolling!


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