Mountain Cinema Club Hosting Final Film For This Season

movie camera artworkThe Mountain Cinema Club will present the fifth and final film in its 2015 Spring Series. This coming Wednesday, June 3 “Loose Cannons” will be presented at the Blue Jay Cinema. Showtimes are 2:30 and 5:30 p.m.

“Loose Cannons,” from Italy, will be the featured film. This  selection is billed as comedy, drama and romance and it involves some family secrets that are best kept in the closet. It is  rated NR (PG13?) and it will last 1 hour 50 minutes. Want to hone up on your Italian? This film will be showed in Italian but don’t ‘t worry if you don’t speak Italian because English subtitles will allow everyone to follow the plot…and mama mia…..don’t forget to take used ink and/or toner cartridges and old cell phones to the show. They will be donated to the Rim Education Foundation which supports our students and faculty with  funds for several different local school programs.




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