Need a Mental “Pick Me Up?” Attend the AAA Concert With the Masters of Harmony!

NewspaperIf you think  magnificent harmony is passe and is an art that is “dead in the water” you need to attend the upcoming Sunday, June 14 performance of the “Masters of Harmony” in Lake Arrowhead. You’ll leave there with an entirely different point of view and a spring in your step.

The thrilling sound of a large choir of men’s voices will fill the beautiful venue of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church and it promises to be an event that people will remember for a long time. While it may seem that this type of music is a dying art thank goodness there are choirs and choral groups keeping harmony alive. It is most likely to send chills down your spine so come and enjoy this special event on June 14.There is, undoubtedly, a reason this men’s choral group has won eight international championships.

Tickets are only $15  and they will be available at the door. This magnificent setting is a perfect venue for this exciting musical program. Come and enjoy the blended sounds of this exceptional men’s choir along with their great choreography and showmanship. It promises to be a great afternoon filled with music that you’ll love (and understand!)

Give yourself a real treat and attend this special event.  You won’t be able to stop yourself from leaving this beautiful church without feeling refreshed and able to take on the world.



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