Have a State Problem? Sen. Morrell May Be Able to Help!

Senator Morrell wants nominations for 2015 Women of Distinction Awaqrds.
California Senator Mike Morrell has taken a really great interest in “our” mountain issues and problems as well as the great things about living in the mountains.

Are you ready to tear your hair out over a state issue that you have that goes on and on and on? If so, don’t call “Ghostbusters” especially if you live in the Rim of the World communities…. instead call Senator Mike Morrell’s office!

It is so wonderful to see Senator Morrell so concerned with issues in our small mountain communities. Obviously the mountain communities have diverse issues than those in other areas such as the desert or cities he serves. In fact our mountain communities have different issues in and around our different communities. For instance a certain good situation in one community may be a pain in the neck for the other ones. That being said, the senator and his staff  seem to have a real connection with his constituents in the mountain areas.

I have met him several time this past year and I am impressed………….and very grateful for his interest in our lifestyle and issues. With his staff soon having office hours in the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Office it will prove to be a win-win situation for everyone.






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