GVL Eagle’s Nest Restaurant Hosting “Quarter to Three” Music Trio May 20

Beautiful GVL4Most people have never spent any time in an eagle’s nest …and I’m certainly one of them. However, that being said, I love going to the Eagle’s Nest in Green Valley Lake and you will too if you go there on Saturday, May 20 at 6 p.m. when the locally talented group of singers, “Quarter to Three,” performs at 6 p.m. Come up and enjoy the great music (with lyrics you can understand) and while you’re there grab a bite to eat.

To get to Green Valley Lake from Running Springs drive along Hwy. 18 (toward Big Bear), pass through Arrowbear Lake and turn left at the bridge (it’s not over troubled water) and drive up Green Valley Lake Road along this beautiful scenic windy road to get to the top. The Eagle’s Nest is located next to the GVL store so you can’t miss it. If you’re there you can breathe the fresh air, admire the lake, enjoy the music and great food. Another plus: don’t forget to breathe deeply. Your lungs and brain will thank you!

Trust me, you’ll love it!



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