A Great Old Story About the Formation of the Running Springs Chamber: 1947

Running Springs Chamber logoHave you ever given any thought to the fact that the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce (that sponsors so many local events) hasn’t always been here? Well, as a longtime chamber member and director I’d never given it any thought either but I came across an interesting story about the formation of this civic-active group of dedicated volunteers. As I was, you’ll be surprised by how long a chamber has been active in our small community.

“On Armistice Day in 1947 a meeting was held by some of the citizens of Running Springs, at the Pine Cone Inn, to discuss the possibility of forming a chamber of commerce. (I believe the Pine Cone Inn was where the Rainbow View Lodge was located).

Tentative plans were made to organize the chamber in the near future, with the idea of trying to get a one-hundred percent membership in the village.

One of the main problems discussed was the lack of correct weather information given to the people in the valley. It was agreed that a chamber, in cooperation with the other chambers in the mountains, could do a great deal toward rectifying this condition.

Temporary officers elected to organize the chamber were Cy Hoag, Les Mee, John Soos, Walter Holmes and William Mueller. It was felt that permanent officers should be elected by members after the Chamber is organized.

it was decided that another meeting should be held in the near future so that a speaker from the County Chamber of Commerce could inform all of the people in running Springs of the benefits derived from such an organization. This is a question of importance to all in the community. The date of the next meeting will be made public, as soon as the arrangements can be made for a speaker.”

JOAN:  This was a story from 1947. Of course, our Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce is still going strong after all these decades. As a member of the board of directors we need help, suggestions and more help. As it has always been there aren’t very many people who are actively involved so if you’re interested please call the chamber office at (909) 867-2411 and leave a message or log onto: http://www.info@runningspringschamber.com. As we are a small chamber someone will get back to you as soon as possible. As this story, written so long ago, didn’t mention Arrowbear or Green Valley Lake I am presuming that those communities were not included, at that time, in the overall chamber of commerce.



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