New Update from U.S. Forest Service on Lake Fire Monday, June 22

I just received an update from the U.S. Forest Service on the Lake Fire that is burning in the San Bernardino mountains.

As of the latest information: cooler temperatures have helped firefighters on the 17,405 acre Lake Fire. The fire is now 24 percent contained.

Most of today’s activity occurred in the northeast fire boundary. the fire spotted out in th 1N02C area east of Coon Creek and near the Pacific Crest Trail,burning down into an inaccessible drainage and put out a large column of smoke mid-afternoon. (That must have been what many Running Springs area residents, including me, saw!)  burning was restricted to this area of the fire and additional fire lines were established.

Good progress has been made removing hazardous trees and mopping up in the Barton Flats area although stumpholes and hot spots remain. The fire line has been well-established parallel to Hwy.38 however, due to continued heavy-firerelated traffic, Hwy. 38 will remain closed to public use.

Although there are hotspots along 10,000 foot Ridge on the southern fire perimeter, minimal fire activity has been observed. Fire line construction near the top of Big Falls Creek in the Forest Falls area is nearing completion and an afternoon reconnaissance flight observed one small smoke in the southeastern portion of the fire.

The fire perimeter is currently six miles from Big Bear, 11 air miles from Pioneertown and nine air miles from Morongo Valley.

the nighttime fire weather will be warm and dry and the highest humidity expected is 30 percent. The evening low temperature will be 58 degree with light winds of four mph with 7mph on ridge-tops. Gusts up to 10mph may also occur.

Hwy. l38 from Angelus Oaks to Lake Williams, Jenks Lake Road, Maple Lane in Big Bear (for fire equipment movement), all hiking trails into the San Gorgonio Wilderness and the Pacific Crest Trail from Whitewater Preserve to Onyx Summit are all closed.

Evacuations remain in effect for all areas east of Angelus Oaks including Barton Flats, Seven Oaks, Rainbow Lane, Heart Bar and all cabins and campgrounds on the South Fork area.

For information call (909) 383-5688 or log onto: (Lake Fire).





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