Want to Help the Rim High Football Program? Just Watch the Fireworks at Lake Arrowhead Village!

fireworks5Celebrate this July 4 in beautiful Lake Arrowhead Village and support the Rim of the World High School “Fighting Scots” football program all at the same time! It’s easy! Just make reservations (as quickly as possible) to enjoy the magnificent July 4 fireworks show at Lake Arrowhead.

For $35 you can park your car at Rim High School and get free parking and shuttle  service to the lake where you will have a great view of all the beautiful and exciting fireworks show.

Alternative #2 will be $30 premium seating for a family of five in the park or on Lollipop Park Beach.

Last but certainly not leas,t donors who spend $5 per person will have a great view on the Village Bay Beach.This great site is located between Woody’s Dock and the Arrowhead Queen dock so you’re going to have great views as the beautiful fireworks explode over the lake.

No matter which of these three seating categories you choose you’re bound to have a great view and you’ll know that your helping our local Rim High Scots football players.

For information and reservations call (909)  337-2533 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to  5 p.m. Space is limited so if you want to be assured of a great vantage point.

There will still be free seating along dockside from the park to McDonald’s. Parking will be free in the upper and lower lots but they fill up quickly that counting on one of those seats is a bet as to whether or not you and your friends or family will be one of the lucky ones. Don’t guess, support Rim High and KNOW you’re going to have a beautiful vantage point.

Don’t forget the camera!



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