Latest Information on the Lake Fire from Cheryl Nagy and/or Laura Dyberg

I am getting so much information from various agencies that I am finding it a tad bit difficult to keep up with all the different statistics and copy. That being said, thank you Cheryl Nagy for the following information: This is information from a situation summary on the Lake Fire at 8:15 p.m. A huge “shout-out” to Laura Dyberg for keeping all us “news people” in the loop as much and quickly as possible.

The fire remains active and has jumped the Coon creek Canyon. it is rolling material into the headwaters of Little Morongo and Big Morongo creeks, which is at the very eastern point of the fire. Aircraft and crews are working hard in this area to try and stop the progression of the fire in this area.

The southern portion of the fire burned into the headwaters of the North Folk of Whitewater and may continue to burn to the south. Fire spread is primarily through burning material rolling downhill and reigniting ground fuels, which burn back uphill. Hotshot crews will remain camped out along this area over the coming days.

Camp Oakes in the Lake Williams area was evacuated to Big Bear Community Church but campers are being released to their parents.

Per the sheriff’s office, mandatory evacuations are in place for the residents of the Burns Canyon and Rimrock to Copper Mountain college shelter. The shelter site is at Copper Mountain College, 6162 Rotary Way in Joshua Tree.

From Laura: Today, at just before noon, the fire spread rapidly with a strong south wind toward Onyx Summit burning around the Rainbow communities containing 15 homes. The firefighters were able to keep the fire east of Hwy. 38. An evacuation was in place prior to the fire approaching the Rainbow area. Firefighters defended the structures utilizing fire resistant gel and with air support preventing any structures being destroyed.

As the fire spread, resources were moved to attack the fire as it advanced. The south side of the fire continues to burn in steep and rocky terrain with minor growth downhill hitting areas  of unburned trees and grass that ignite and then burn again downhill. Additional crews have been inserted into the Ten Thousand Foot Ridge and will proceed toward the eastern Forestry boundary.

At this latest information: resources on scene included 1,874 personnel, 103 engines, three air tankers, 18 helicopters, for air attack planes, 44 crews, 19 water tenders, 11 bulldozers. Thusfar there have been four injuries and the  number of structured threatened by the fire are 1,640.

So far the estimated cost of the fire has jumped to $14 million.

State Hwy. 38 will remain closed from Angelus Oaks to lake Williams. Jenks Lake Road and Maple Lane in Big Bear Lake. Barton Flats, San Gorgonio, Council, Heart Bar, Oso, Lobo, Heart Bar Equestrian, Wildhorse Equestrian, Coon Creek Cabin, Cook Creek Yellow-post sites, and the Mission Springs PCT Trail camp remain closed.

Evacuations remain in effect for all areas east of Angelus Oaks including Barton Flats, Seven Oaks, Rainbow Lane, Heart Bar and all cabins and campgrounds in the South Fork area.

JOAN: I will keep reporting updates as I get them so I can get them out to all of you as quickly as possible. That being said, I need to get some sleep too so (like Arnold Schwarzenegger), “Ill be back!”…….. in the morning.





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