July 1 Lake Fire Update

Thus far the cost to fight the Lake Fire, that began on June 17 , is $34 million. A total of 1,714 personnel have been involved with fighting this massive fire that continues to burn in the wilderness areas of the San Gorgonio wilderness in the San Bernardino mountains.

As of July 1 50 crews, 64 engines, two bulldozers, 11 water tenders, 19 helicopters and one air attack plane are working (or have worked to bring this huge fire under control and to put it out.

Today the firefighters will continue to work in the wilderness areas to extinguish hotspots that are 100 to 200 feet from the fire perimeters. In areas that have been “secured” the firefighters will firefighters and rehabilitation crews will continue to repair the damaged infastructure and repair the containment lines. Crews are using heavy equipment chippers, and hand crews to accelerate the landscape’s recovery from the suppression activities. Lake Fire resources will be available to assist the Forest Service with initial attack for the upcoming fourth of July holiday activities.

To this point in the fire one residence has burned, five firefighters have been injured. Smoke from the wilderness areas of the fire will continue to be visible as heavy fuels continue to burn.

The public should call the Serrano campground office at (909) 866-8550 for questions regarding campground closures.


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