36th Annual “Run Through the Pines” Set for August 8-You can Participate!

Click to viewIt doesn’t seem possible that this year the Lake Gregory annual Run through the Pines will celebrate its 36th year on Saturday, August 8. Where did the past 35 years go? I guess they “ran away.”

Well, mark your calendar for this year great race on August 8. Sponsored by the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District this annual event always brings out several hundred participants and statistics show that 80 percent of these hearty people are mountain residents. Click to view

The race is held at Lake Gregory in Crestline down Lake Drive and it is a huge event. Hundreds of spectators always show up to support the runners and family members and friends always add so much to the excitement.

If you would like to sponsor there are “sponsorship” packages available. Show off your business and show your community spirit all at the same time with coupons, discounts or sponsor a sign on the run course.

To help the recreation district defray some of the costs of this great annual event sponsorships are available from a gold sponsorship at $500; a silver sponsorship at $250 or a bronze sponsorship at $150. To sponsor a “mile marker” the charge is $35.

for information on this exiting August 8 event around beautiful Lake Gregory (a county regional park), call the recreation district at (909) 337-7275 or log onto: http://www.rim-rec.org. The recreation district office is located in Rimforest at 26577 Hwy. 18.

Come join the fun, help sponsor this great traditional run and give yourself a pat on the back for supporting the cause all at the same time.

For information call the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District at (909) 337-PARK. They’ll be happy to give you any additional information you need. The contact at the district office is Bob Kinzel. To register log onto: Raceworld.com. For information from Race World call (757) 366-0601.

If you don’t want to participate in the run come and enjoy the ambiance. The lake is gorgeous, the surrounding trees are filled with shade and the venue is great. You can’t get better than that!





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