Hearts and Lives Receives Funding to Help Mtn. Residents with Emergency Food, Shelter and Oral Health Issues!

Hearts and LivesHearts and Lives has once again received funding to assist with housing, food vouchers and utility assistance. The $20,892 award will be used to assist those in need with emergency food or shelter issues. If you, or anyone you know in the San Bernardino Mountain communities call Hearts and Lives at (909) 338-3222 to schedule an appointment. Be sure to take a photo ID, proof of income and any past due rental and/or utility bills to the appointment.

In addition to the Emergency Food and Shelter Program Hearts and Lives also received a $95,000 to fund free dental screenings for children up to the age of five-years-old. The funds are also available to help pregnant women. This new program is called “Early Smiles” and it includes dental screening, fluoride treatment, oral health education, dental care resources and dental care kits.

A strength shown by Heart and Lives, through its Case Management Program, has been its ability to see a problem, create a solution, implement and execute a plan. In recent years, Hearts and Lives has developed effective strategies for individuals and families who have faced unexpected emerging needs due to a recent economic crisis.



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