The How and When Running Springs Elementary Became Hoffman Elementary!

Charles Hoffman 2Many years ago I wrote occasionally for the San Bernardino Sun newspaper and for their Sunday, May 19, 1985 edition they featured a story I wrote about the re-naming of Running Springs Elementary School to Charles Hoffman Elementary School. I hope you enjoy this story. Chuck Hoffman was a great guy and it was such an honor to know him!

“RUNNING SPRINGS-The elementary school here will no longer be called Running Springs elementary. The rim of the World Unified School District has changed the name. From now on, it will be known as Charles Hoffman Elementary School.

Hoffman, principal at the campus for the past 25 years and an employee of the district for 30 years, is retiring after this term.

“We feel that he has done so much for so many children, we hoed that the school board would approve changing the name of the school. We thought it was a wonderful idea to have the school named after Hoffman.  came from residents in the community like Barbara Bjaanes, president of the school Parent Teacher Association.

A petition drive was launched and the petition, along with letters of support, were presented to the school board on May 7. All of the letters were bound into a book and presented to Hoffman at the meeting.

“The nice thing about all of this is that I didn’t have to die to get it,” laughed Hoffman.

Hoffman taught fifth, sixth, seventh and eight grades when he first came to the district. The first year he taught, the district rented the woman’s club building (now the local branch of Bank of America) for classes.

In addition to teaching in the mid-50s, Hoffman served as janitor and bus driver for the students.

JOAN: Much has changed since this story I wrote so many years ago. The original women’s club building (that was completely built by local residents back in the 1950s or 1960s, I believe) is now the site of First Mountain Bank.




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