From Caltrans: “The Pain in the Pass Will NOT Last”

Caltrans logoThe next phase of crossover lanes in the Cajon Pass will begin Friday, July 17 to allow paving on southbound Interstate 154 (I-15) in Segment 2 of the $120 million I-15 Cajon Pass Paving Project.

The crossover lanes are located north of State Route 138 (SR 138) to South of Cleghorn Road and they will move one or two lanes of south of southbound traffic onto the northbound direction of travel. Crossover lanes will be adjusted southbound from one to two lanes during peak commute hours using the quick-change moveable barrier equipment.

At least three lanes will always be available on southbound I-15. Four lanes will be available on northbound I-15 during the crossover lane period, which is expected to last for up to 10 weeks. Motorists will not be able to exit SR 138 or Cleghorn Road.





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