Fabulous Arrowhead Arts-sponsored Concert Fun with the Stanley King Band

Stanley King Band, AAAWhile no one was dancing in the street they were certainly dancing by the lake when the Arrowhead Arts Association put on a concert by the Stanley King Band. It was, to put it mildly, fabulous and the sounds and dancing and the beautiful lake right next to the venue…….perfect!

This talented group of musicians has performed before and they enjoy coming and playing on the shore of Lake Arrowhead every bit as much as we, those who attend, love having them. From the fabulous sounds of the 1950s up to today’s music, they can play it all (and they do!).

As the sun sets on the lake the view is breathtaking and it is such a beautiful surrounding as you watch the boats fly by and the sun begin to set and turn into evening. Tavern Bay is truly a magnificent area of Lake Arrowhead and with the historic UCLA Conference Center right down the street, this spot is very special. Because the Arrowhead Arts concerts are given in the parking area next to the lake at Tavern Bay you can  marvel at the beauty that surrounds this fabulous part of Lake Arrowhead. Many people take their dinner and/or a bottle of wine (or both) and enjoy the camaraderie of friends. It’s one of the greatest parts of this special concert series. You just sit and breathe the fresh air and enjoy the ambiance that surrounds you. Many people get up and dance and dance and dance which also adds to the fun.

Everyone had a fabulous time listening and/or dancing (or both) to the great sounds. Children and adults had a great time dancing to the great sounds!
Everyone had a fabulous time listening and/or dancing (or both) to the great sounds. Children and adults had a great time dancing to the great sounds!

The Stanley King Band made a return visit as they performed last year for this special series of summer concerts. These musicians truly are talented as they can play anything from rock to hits from the 1930s, 1940s 1950s, 1960s and on up to today’s hits. It was a fabulous concert filled with fun, fun, fun and dancing.

Plan to attend the next event as it will feature “The Hodads” on July 23. This group plays classic rock and roll and they were a big hit last year.

Be sure to take a sweater or jacket as you will be right next to the water in Lake Arrowhead. Guests should also take a jacket or sweater in case they get cold. Because the concerts are right next to the lake when the wind comes up it does get chilly.

Come and have fun and enjoy the last of these great summer concerts by the lake. Trust me, you’ll enjoy every second.



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