Dragon Boat Races Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 15 and 16 on Lake Gregory

……And the word went out across the “Rim”…….The dragons are coming! The dragons are coming! Actually, it wasn’t the dragons but the dragon boat races!

This fabulous, ancient Chinese sporting event is coming for a repeat performance on Lake Gregory and it is bound to be exciting, interesting, challenging and great fun for the competitors and those who just enjoy watching.

If you’ve never seen dragon boat racing it is includes teams of paddlers who are racing against each other in colorful Dragon boats. At the sound of the air horn, these 40 foot canoes, adored as dragons, set off to a fast pace across the lake. It’s fabulous, colorful and very exciting.

The novice teams will participate on Saturday, August 15. These teams of 12 paddles are generally friends, family members or co-workers. All involved must be physically fit and be over eight-years-old. The competition is stiff so physical strength is needed by all paddlers.

On Sunday, August 16 the professionals or club teams take over and if you want to see REAL competition it is this race. These athletes practice year-round in the U.S. and internationally so they’re “out to win!”

Come and enjoy these races. It’s quite thrilling as well as being historic.

For more information or to register call (909) 338-2233. Come enjoy beautiful Lake Gregory in the San Bernardino Mountains.

P.S. Be sure to tell the kids that there really aren’t dragons at this event or the “little ones” won’t want to go!



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