Registration Still Open for Soccer Players in the Mountain Communities

Soccer balls and shoesDo you have a child who wants to play soccer? If so, some of the age categories still have available spots for local children. If you’re interested and you haven’t signed up your child or children yet look over this blog post and then sign up your child online or call Sandy Caplinger at (909) 867-2976. The registration fee for this year is $95. Potential players can register online by logging onto:

Sandy and Larry Caplinger are celebrating their 40th year with AYSO and what an accomplishment this entails. They have given their time, their hearts and their talent to making mountain soccer the incredible program it has become. They continue to devote uncountable hours to making each soccer season the best it can possible be and the hours they pour into this each year speaks volumes for their love, tenacity and determination in continuing with this fabulous sport. Throughout their year as the head of the program they have welcomed many, many others into the “soccer fold” who have been an unbelievable help in keeping soccer alive in the local San Bernardino mountains and beyond.

Spaces are available for children in the following age levels:

1. Under five-years-old (ages 4)

2. Under 6 (age 5);

* Under 8 (ages six and seven); ‘Under 10 (ages eight and nine)

* Under 12 (10-11);

* Under 14 (12 and 13);

Under 16 Boys (under-14-15);

Under 19 (boys under 16-19).

All the openings (except under 16 and 19) are for girls and boys.

For information call Sandy Caplinger at (909) 867-2976.


Parents can send their child’s forms and the $95 fee to Post Office Box 74, Running Springs, California 92382. Children can also be registered online by logging onto: AYSO region

Have Fun!






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