News from Caltrans on Cajon Pass Paving Project

The interstate 15 (I-15) Cajon Pass Paving Project is nearly two weeks into the projected 10-week crossover traffic configuration. The project configuration for the Southbound I-15 pavement work between State Route 138 (RS 138) and Kenwood Avenue. Thee have been many challenges since the first day the crossover went into effect on July 17.

Caltrans staff continues to work with the contractor, Coffman Parsons Joint Venture, and their staff to make adjustments to help alleviate some of the impacts to the traveling public. The Following is an update from July 30.

Saturday night,August 1 work was delayed due to impending rain. The contractor was to re-stripe the southbound crossover to provide a 12-foot shoulder on the right side, north of SR 138 down to SR 138. This will provide some access for emergency situations and accidents. The southbound I-15 taper (or lane) leading into the crossover will also be extended.

* August 19-Contractor will open the auxiliary lane on the southbound I-15 from SR 138 to Cleghorn Road. This will provide better access to motorists entering I-15 south from SR 138 and also allow traffic to exit Cleghorn Road to use as an alternate route without merging into traffic. This will remain for the duration of the crossover configuration.

Motorists who are staying on I-15 south of Interstate 215 are encouraged to use Cleghorn road to Kenwood.


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