Do You Have Time to be a Meals on Wheel Driver in the Rim Communities? If so, Read This!

carDo you have some hours to donate to Rim of the World communities housebound residents? If so, Mountain Meals on Wheels wants to you talk over to your telephone, dial (909) 336-2346) and talk to Volunteer coordinator Lori Pearson about being part of this important and potentially lifesaving program.

Volunteers can choose the route they wish to deliver food to as well as the day and frequency of deliveries. Volunteers don’t have to participate and every day…instead even if they can only participate once a month it will be appreciated. The drivers delivery food to home-bound seniors and other mountain residents in need. From Green Valley Lake to Cedar Pines Park deliveries are made to help the seniors.  Due to this  driving program many seniors can continue to live in their own homes because the various volunteers take food to the participants’ home from Cedar Pines Park all the way to Green Valley Lake.

For more information on the program and to find out about what’s involved with being a driver contact Volunteer Coordinator Lori Pearson at (909 33-2346.

I imagine that many people who are home-bound and can’t get out to do their shopping are eternally grateful for the program and the local residents  who volunteer their time to make sure homebound residents are eating well due to this program. Because there is such a good connection between the driver delivering food and those that are homebound  the drivers get to know the participants well and can use their “intuition” if they see something wrong or “out of character” with the residents who are part of this program.




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