Arrowhead Arts Fundraiser Huge Success!

Enjoying a cool evening as well as supporting the Arrowhead Arts programs. What a lovely event, lakeside.
Enjoying a cool evening as well as supporting the Arrowhead Arts programs. What a lovely event, lakeside.

The magnificent home owned by Ken and Nancy Camarella served as the venue for the successful annual, delightful fundraiser for the Arrowhead Arts Association on Saturday, August 3.

Nestled on a cliff the spectacular view of boats skipping across Lake Arrowhead and the beauty of the sunset proved that this lovely home was the perfect venue for the association’s annual fundraiser.  A small classical concert was a lovely part of this special evening and it served as a “hint” of what the upcoming annual concert on August 20 will be when the symphony plays at their annual fall concert.

Maestro Flynn, conductor of the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra had a wonderful time at this AAA fundraiser. It was an honor to meet him and have the chance to talk with him.
Maestro Flynn, conductor of the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra had a wonderful time at this AAA fundraiser. It was an honor to meet him and have the chance to talk with him.


This exquisite, exciting event was a beautiful experience and it was the perfect venue for this exciting evening. Needless to say the food was delicious, Mother Nature graced everyone with a beautiful clear cool evening. The scene below the home, with boats skipping quickly by on the lake was a delightful addition to the ambiance of this special event. Adding to this delightful recipe for a perfect outdoor evening  by the lake, Mother Nature made sure there was a wind that kept everyone cool.

The feature of this fundraising evening was a private concert thanks to the conductor of the San Bernardino Symphony, Maestro Frank Fetta  and Russian cellist RusLan Biryukov who astounded everyone with his incredible talent while playing selections by both Bach and Handel. I was fascinated by watching the bow in his hand fly across the strings of the cello; sometimes with a delicate touch and others with great strength and speed.

Dancing with the beautiful lake below....heaven!
Dancing with the beautiful lake below….heaven!

I have been privileged to attend many AAA concerts throughout the years but this one, in the beautiful surrounding of this home, the garden and the lake below, was not only lovely it was extraordinary setting, especially as the sun went down. This talented Russian cellist almost seemed humbled to be there but in truth, I feel that many of us were humbled by the event that allowed all of us to be in the presence of the maestro and this young, quite unbelievably talented musician. The venue was magnificent at this home, with shady green grass and trees and a view of the blue, blue lake far below. You want a little bit of heaven? If you weren’t there for this big fundraiser you might want to be there next year. It truly is an exceptional event with a wonderful outcome….it’s the Rim of the World communities who benefit from this organization’s generosity. Every year the Arrowhead Arts has helped over 100 local music students, in some way by providing lessons or by providing financial help so an instrument can be rented.

A good musician seeks puts his heart and soul into the instrument he loves and it is always interesting to watch how they hold that instrument. Many people sat on the indoor stairway leading to the upper level of the beautiful home while others sat on couches and everyone was enthralled by the talent and performance that was blossoming in the lovely garden of this spacious, magnificent settling. I was enthralled watching this incredibly talented cellist as his bow just wept across the strings….sometimes with the most delicate touch and others when his fingers just flew across the strings. In some ways he had the light touch of a talented surgeon and, it seemed, at other times he had the strength of a lion. It was, to put it mildly, incredible to watch.

If you have never been to a concert that is sponsored by the Arrowhead Arts Association you do not know what you’re missing. The annual Fall Classical concert will be held Sunday, September 20 at 3 p.m. at the beautiful Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Crest Park (aka Lake Arrowhead). This annual concert is a-maz-ing not only for the exquisite setting but for the acoustics and talent of the members of the  San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra. The featured musician will be Russian cellist Rus Lam Biryukov. He is extraordinary, as we all found out at the delightful recent fundraiser.

AH Arts fundraiser (2)Many, many years ago I still remember attending the very first concert at this venue that was, of course, paid for and organized by a group of music lovers who ultimately became the Arrowhead Arts Association. To this day, I still remember the awe of having a symphony orchestra in “our” mountains and the exquisite church and church garden behind the altar never ceases to astound me with its beauty and calm presence. Come and attend this special annual performance in this magnificent, soaring church.  Whatever your religious belief is (or isn’t) this is a special concert enjoyed by everyone and the beautiful tranquil garden through the enormous windows only adds to the magnificence of this event.

See you on September 20 at the magnificent church, Our Lady of the Lake, in Crest Park. It is located at 27627 Rim of the World Drive (off Hwy. 18). For ticket information log or to purchase tickets call (909) 337-0284. Tickets for this exciting fall program are $25 for adults or $40 for preferred seating. Students Kindergarten through 12th grade are admitted free with an adult.





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