CHP Holding Annual Car Seat Program in Big Bear Lake August 29

"The Line Up"-Five or six of the California Highway Patrol squad cars were lined up along the embankment on the side of the Hwy. 18 station so the parking lot was free to house a small car show and bounce house for the children.

Each year the California Highway Patrol  holds a special event to help parents who can’t afford car seats for the children and this year, August 29, will be no exception. The hours will be 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This year’s event, “Child Safety Seat”  giveaway will be held at the Big Bear Convention Center at 42900  Big Bear Drive in Big Bear Lake.

Several “fitting stations” for children who need car seats will be held. Nationally certified child passenger safety seat technicians will make sure that the seats the children will receive are appropriate for their size. The technicians can also help if a car seat the child uses has been recalled  or is now defective. Several “fitting stations” will be available throughout this important safety event.

These programs, through the California Highway Patrol, truly can save a child’s life if (a) the family isn’t using a car seat or (two) the current car seat is defective or no longer usable by the child.

Parents who meet certain requirement may receive a “grant funded seat” for their child. As part of this safety event if you are the parent of a small child and want help to know how to use the current car seat you have or want help dealing with a different car seat issue be sure to attend. There will be plenty of CHP officers available to talk with parents who have questions.

The CHP reminds parents that when their child (or children) are under eight years of all but are not properly installed in a car seat it can lead to disaster if an accident occurs. While no one can predict when and where an accident will occur it has been proven that child car seats save many, many lives throughout the year. If parents do not have a car seat for their child and the CHP stops them the lack of having one can result in a ticket or they can also get “one point” on their driver’s record.







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