Hearts and Lives: Helping Mtn. Residents Get Low-Cost Dental Services for Their Children

This cute squirrel could use some dental work. What big teeth he's got!
This cute squirrel could use some dental work. What big teeth he’s got!

Did you know that there are many different programs available for residents of the Rim of the World communities and many of them are offered to families through Hearts and Lives.

For newborns to five-year-olds, as well as pregnant mothers, free dental screenings are available through Hearts and Lives. Additionally, eligible health information, dental resources, a children’s dental care kit, fluoride varnish procedures for children and pregnant women are or can be arranged. It is important that parents book an appointment as soon as possible. As part of the “push” to help children learn more about taking good care of their teeth, when parents sign up for the free dental screening the children will receive a free book.

Hearts and Lives has been dedicated to helping local families for many years and this great outreach is only one example of how this organization helps families from Crestline to Green Valley Lake. The agency headquarters is located in Crestline. For information on this dental program for adults or children call (909) 338-3222.

Hearts and Lives began after the horrific Old Fire that desiccated so many areas of the mountains and burned so many homes. It remains one of the huge tragedies in the San Bernardino mountain communities and the impact of that horrific fire remains in residents’ minds and hearts. Without a doubt the formation of that organization has helped hundreds, if not a few thousand, part-time and fulltime residents throughout the years.





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