Annual Soroptimist Daffodil Project Underway: Time to Purchase the Bulbs!

It’s that time again….time when the members of Soroptimist International of the rim of the World begins their annual daffodil bulb project that members hope will eventually create a mountain of a million daffodils.

Since the Soroptimist project began many years ago members and other helpful residents have planted thousands of beautiful bright yellow King Alfred daffodils throughout the communities. This program began many years ago as a beautification project and it just gets better rand better.

To help local residents be part of this  community project hearty yellow daffodils (who love the mountain climate) are available at a special rate when ordered through Soroptimist. A case of 200 bulbs can be purchased for $120,, a half-case of 100 bulbs is $70 a quarter case of 50 bulbs is $40 and an eight of a case can be purchased for $25.. These extremely hearty and prized daffodils sell out quickly so if you want to make sure you’re getting healthy bulbs who will fill your garden in the spring, support our local Soroptimist members by purchasing the bulbs through them.

For information contact Laurie at (909) 867-3141 or send an email to: If you have a mail order form it can be sent to Post Office Box 656, Lake Arrowhead, Ca. 92352.. Think out beautiful and colorful your yard can look this next spring when it is filled with bright, colorful, uplifting large yellow daffodils.


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