Green Valley Lake Hosting Harvest Festival With Native American Dancing, Singing and Food!

GVL Garden Sept. 2015The wildly successful Green Valley Lake Community Garden just gets better and better. That being said, with fall right around the corner (or even here) the tall stalks of corn and other colorful flowers and produce will be slipping into fall.

With that in mind the people who are part of this delightful garden are hosting a Harvest Festival on Saturday, September 26 at 4:30 p.m.

This event will not only be great fun but it will also be spiritual as the festivities will include Native American storytelling and music. This will definitely be a time to praise Mother Nature for her bounty and to honor our Native Americans who, throughout the centuries have had, and continue to have, such a meaningful, spiritual relationship with the earth.

The day will include a banquet of harvest dishes that will be prepared by the GVL community gardeners. Come and enjoy the Native American storytelling and music. Bring your heart with you (but I am warning you) that you may leave it in this delightful community that is located at the top of Green Valley Lake Road off Hwy. 18.

Come! Celebrate Mother Earth’s bounty. Open your heart to new ideas! Come and learn from our Native American friends whose spiritual nature has always honored Mother Earth.

The Green Valley Lake Community garden project operates under the umbrella of the Mountain Community Alliance which is a 501 (C)(3) organization.




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