Mtn. Boys and Girls Club Opening Site at Charles Hoffman Elementary in Running Springs

NewspaperThe Mountain Communities Boys and Girls Club will be opening a new location….at Charles Hoffman Elementary School in Running Springs. The new program will begin August 25 and it is open to children from first to fifth grades. The after school program will be held Mondays through Fridays from 2 to 6 p.m. On days when schools have a “minimum day” the facility will open earlier to assist parents who are working or cannot find other daycare for their child or children.

As part of the organization’s philosophy their goal is to help assist children in becoming successful students, positive role-models and great team players.

A wide variety of activities as well as after-school homework help is available as part of this program. Involved students will also receive homework help that will help with their self-esteem. As part of this program character development for the involved students is a big part of the Boys and Girls Club program. In many ways a large part of the program focuses on anti-bulling as well as teaching and helping children value diversity. Character development is also stressed.

In addition to the help the Boys and Girls Club participants receive they can receive homework test help that can include homework preparation, reading and help with projects and reports.

Last, but certainly not least, sports are a big part of the Mountain communities Boys and Girls Club program. Sports can often reach children in an entirely different way than their parents or other family and friends can. By participating in sports students learn to share, they learn team building (whether they call it that or not) and in most cases their lives are enriched through these experiences.

Tuition is $20 for one child for the school year and for a family it is $25 for the school year.
For information on this new program at Charles Hoffman Elementary School call (909) 338-0418. By the way, I think the late Chuck Hoffman (after whom the school is named) would love this new program.



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