Mtn. Action for Peace and Justice Holding Vigil Sept. 24 in Blue Jay: All Are Welcome!

lotus_flowerMountain Action for Peace and Justice will hold a candlelight vigil on Thursday, Sept. 24 at p.m. Everyone is welcome to participate by taking a reading, a poem, song or a heartfelt message about protecting the earth from climate change and improving the plight of the poor. The vigil will demonstrate support for this “new era” of sustainable development and respect for the planet. By joining in vigils and events internationally on the eve of the United Nations opening of their new session and the speech by Pope Francis before the United Nations people around the globe will be able to come together and show support for the goals.

The “faith” community and those who are concerned about the poor and the planet are welcome to join this event. International plans start in Sydney and lighting up the world through Delhi, Johannesburg, London and Sao Paulo. This event will culminate in New York and it will coincide with the United Nations General Assembly.

Those participating in the vigil will be given a candle unless they take a lantern. Everyone will meet in the Blue Jay Jensen’s parking lot at 7 p.m.

For further information call (909) 337-1279 or contact:



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