Scouting Recruiting Fair October 17

boy in tentAre you the parent of a potential Boy Scout? If so, plan to attend the upcoming October 17 “Scout Fair” at the Lake Arrowhead Presbyterian Church. The church is located at 351 South Hwy. 173 in Lake Arrowhead and it’s hard to miss.

This event will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and youth (between six and 17) are welcome to attend and check out what Scouting is all about.

As a long time Scouter, Jim believes in the program, its ideals and it’s program that teaches leadership, character, physical fitness and community service. Throughout the decades local “scouts” have helped the Rim of the World communities in many different ways. “Scouting” has been a longtime program in the local communities  and that commitment continues each and every day so interested scouts and their parent(s) should plan to attend this recruitment day event.Girl Scout logo

In addition to scouting representatives Snow Valley, Wildhaven Ranch and Santa’s Village will support the program by hosting a booth at the Scout Recruiting Fair.

Can you imagine our life without scouting? I certainly can’t!. Whether Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts these young men and women are learning a lot about life, helping others, sacrificing your own desires and needs to help others and many different skills (and, or, life skills!). Throughout the world Boy and Girl Scouts are well-known for commitment and many other attributes that are part of having a good life.

If you know a young girl (or girls) who might want to be part of Girl Scouts they can call Stacey Rodriguez at (909) 939-0103. Scouting is going great in the Rim of the World communities so if you have a child who wants to join…..check it out….you’ll be amazed by the program!

As a Girl Scout many, many decades ago I still remember my Girl Scout days. Funny, those memories are indelibly imprinted in one’s mind…and that’s a great thing!.




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