Hwy. 18 Paving Project has “Moved” to the Arctic Circle Between R.S. and Big Bear

Caltrans representative Terri Kasinga.
Caltrans representative Terri Kasinga.

Highway improvements, via a huge paving project on State Route 18,  has moved to the Arctic Circle  between Snow Valley and Big Bear Lake. Matich Corporation has the contract for the $4 million project. This huge project will take place through three segments of State Highway 18 (AKA Route 18) between the City of Big Bear Lake and the SR (State Route) 138 junction. No work will be done on the weekend but Friday’s work will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This enormous paving project  is requiring advisory signs that will be posted so that motorists will be warned about the highway work. Access to Hwy. 18 will be restricted until the hot asphalt has cooled sufficiently. Anyone who is using this area needs to make parking arrangements outside of the construction zone if the project is in your area of travel.

While this project (or this particular part of the project is almost completed motorists need to be aware that there may be long waits in line as this project continues.

On Wednesday, September 23 through the September 25 work will commence at 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Hwy. 18 between Lake View Point (near Big Bear) and Snow Valley Mountain Resort.

I posted this information about two weeks ago alerting motorists that this project would be underway so I hope people read it and know (or remember) that they needed (or need) to use alternate routes to get to and from Big Bear.

For information contact the public affairs office of Caltrans at (909) 383-4531.




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