I have a new computer……..

Well, I have a new computer and since computers and I have an unusually awful relationship I just divorced my old one even though it has served me very well for years It was due to be subjected to the “computer trash can in the sky” so I’m getting used to this one.

I know computer know that I hate them and therefore they make my life as miserable as they possibly can. This certainly doesn’t help our ongoing “relationship,” sick as that is. However, I am very grateful for the love, support, and eternal help of my son-in-law who is brilliant with computers. I also owe a big thank you to my daughter Amanda who is unceasingly tolerant of my desire to hoist the computer into the nearest trash can after I deliberately run over it with my car.

Like most electronics computers have a mind of their own and their mind and my mind often don’t understand each other so thank goodness there are people who LOVE computers. I swear there’s something wrong with them but that’s just my opinion. Without them all of us computer “dummies” would be completely lost so thank you so much to my brillant computer expert son-in-law Gary Aberg who is so great with computers. A big thank you to my daughter Amanda who is also smart with computers and has an infinite amount of support for her “computer hating” mother.

This is the first new computer I’ve had in about 10 years so I am happy to be able to write this and without Amanda and Gary’s help today with this new “electronic wonder” I’d be home taking a hot bath or doing something equally as mundane (but stress-relieving)  before I threw my old (but much appreciated) out the window.

This is a new adventure for me with a new laptop. Wish me luck!


One thought on “I have a new computer……..

  1. Donald Nagy

    cute write-up

    Oct 05,2015 07:50AM

    Got it.

    Don 🙂

    949 258 3451

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