Yesterday’s Mountain-wide Fundraiser: An Event to Remember!

If you ever think that people are going the wrong way in the world you hopefully will read this post. While there will always be people who, for whatever reason, are angry, hateful or who are crazy there are millions more who help one another, dedicate their lives to helping how they can, who love their neighbors as themselves and who deserve a very special place in heaven when they leave this earth.

It is my privilege, and I consider it a privilege, to be friends with Running Springs resident Stacy Rodriguez, the owner of Polliwog’s Thrift. I met Stacy shortly after her family moved to the mountains and I believe she is one of those special people who God put on this earth.

Stacy was the coordinator of yesterday’s incredible fundraiser for the Garcia family. From Crestline to Lake Arrowhead and up to Running Springs families turned out to help raise money for a family in need in the most terrible of circumstances: the continuing decline of the health of their small child, their  beloved child . Eric has been diagnosed with incurable leukemia and who, tragically but realistically, has little chance (or no chance) of survival. He is being cared for and loved by his family and hospice nurses.

That being said, throughout the mountain communities people turned out to offer whatever they could to support the family and yesterday’s day-long event was one that those of us who donated to the family and/or stopped by to wish everyone “God’s speed” during the day-long fundraiser, will not soon forget.

From Crestline to the end of the Rim of the World communities there were donation stations at The Valero station in Arrowbear, Rustique Furniture on Hwy. 18 in Running Springs, Twin Peaks Community Church, Forest Shade in Crestline, Hungry Bear Deli Bakery and Cafe in Skyforest, Crestline Home Video, North Beach at Lake Gregory and at Polliwog’s Thrift Store in Running Springs ( above Old Country Coffee Shop).

People are wonderful. Yes, there are people who are terrible and do awful things but there are also people with love, compassion, determination and the “fortitude” to muster help for others when needed.

Stacy is one of those people and so are all the volunteers who took part in yesterday’s event. The volunteers involved gave with their hearts of their time, their organization skills, but mostly their compassion. I have lived in Running Springs many, many years and I have to say this complex fundraiser will be one I will remember for a very, very long time.

Thank you to all of you who were involved. We all have skills we use but not everyone gives with their hearts. Each and every one of you who worked at a location and everyone who donated……..what special people!


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