If You Have Any Information on an Accident Please Contact This Person!

If you saw the accident on Wednesday, October 28 at the intersection of Hwy, 173 and Hwy, 189 that occurred at approximately 4:45 p.m. where a Jeep backed out of the parking lot inbetween the Saddleback Inn and Vape Store in Lake Arrowhead and went across three lanes of the intersection please report this. The driver collided with a gold Ford Explorer that belongs to a Running Springs/Arrowbear resident. The driver of the Ford Explorer (who is being sought) is James Taylor and he reportedly told the driver of the Explorer he would pay the damages if she didn’t report the accident to the authorities. The driver of the vehicle was a teenager who graduated (apparently) from Rim High. The driver agreed to pay for the damages but apparently (according to the local victim) he hit the back of his own vehicle to make it look like it was the local driver’s fault. There was a witness at the scene who asked the Running Springs driver if she wanted her to act as a witness but the victim (stupidly) declined (never, ever do that!!!!). In the meantime she has changed her mind and hopes that anyone who sees a new blue mini van in to see if she witnessed the accident and could contact the victim.This information was posted on “Mountain Peeps” and the victim is Cynthia Stevens Sola.


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