Need to Hone Your Public Speaking Skills? New Toastmasters Club Forming! in Arrowhead!

Does the thought of giving a speech or even a few sentences in front of other people send you to your doctor’s to get anxiety medication? Does the idea of giving a speech have you considering moving to another country or even another planet? If so, relax, help is on the way.
Did you know there’s a Toastmasters International chapter in the mountains? If you don’t, now you do!
Members meet on the first and fourth Thursdays at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Lake Arrowhead from noon to 1 p.m. The church is located at 27415 School Road (very near Rim of the World High School). The total cost to be a charter Toastmasters member, with dues paid through March 31, is $64.35. Thereafter dues are only $36 for six months, plus any optional club dues.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a charter member of an international organization that has helped thousands of people improve their speaking skills. It’s not a secret that learning to speak before others, whether in at work or play, is an enormous advantage but many people simply can’t do it and don’t know how to get help.Being able to speak in front of others is much easier than dealing with the consequences of passing out in front of a crowd if you have to talk. The organization can also help people who just need a little bit of help or they need to hone their public speaking skills….a lot!
For more information contact Mountain Counseling and Training Toastmasters Club, via Michael Beavers. When 20 members or more join the association they can complete the charter process.

For information contact Michael Beavers at or call the office at (909) 336-3330. You can also contact Charlie Farrell at or phone 337-5400.
For many people who have to speak in public, whether at work or at meetings this new organization could be a lifesaver and it can also help good speakers become great speakers.


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