Thank You Caltrans and the County for Great Snow Removal

snowflake_large_blue_spikeThank you to Caltrans (the state agency that clears the highways) and to the County of San Bernardino for leaping on snow removal tonight after this late afternoon snowfall.
While it didn’t snow feet (as it used to do many year ago) it was great to have such quick snow removal equipment on the roads. With the enormous number of miles of county roads it always takes longer for the county to clear the roads than it takes Caltrans which only has the responsibility for keeping the state highways clear. If you have the opportunity if you see a plow operator moving snow around take a second and thank the driver. Just think…it’s cold in those huge pieces of equipment because the sides are completely open. Many years ago when we used to get feet of snow in one snowfall I used to take a cup of coffee out to the plow operators and I can’t tell you how much they appreciated it. Snow removal is a cold, complex program, especially when the temperatures drop well below freezing (which they often do). When we used to have enormous snowfalls I can’t tell you how much the plow drivers were grateful for a “thank you” rather than a complaint from people who felt they didn’t their road cleared when they needed it. Remember, the county has hundreds of miles to plow through all the side streets and it takes time and patience. Both Caltrans and the county workers have to be freezing in those open-air plows so give them a big “thumbs up” or “thank you.” They will appreciate it a lot! Without them we’d really be in trouble!


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