If You Live in Alaska!

My slightly older sister (only by 17 months) lives in Anchorage, Alaska where she has lived for several years. It’s always fun to get a letter from her because if we think that “times are sometimes tough” in our Rim of the World mountain communities in the winter it’s nothing compared to Alaska.

For instance: her recent November e-mail talked about that night’s television safety tips for Alaskans.  The tip was for people to leave their Halloween pumpkins outside so they could freeze and if they did they needed to put them in a place away from the front door. It seems that moose love to eat pumpkins (frozen or otherwise I imagine). People who would be opening their front doors might discover a moose right there. Because it was Halloween that truly could have been a “real trick or treat situation.” So, to help everyone (well, at least humans) the TV reporter reminded everyone to keep their pumpkins out of site and sight of any moose!

Love it!



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