CHP and Sheriff’s Dept. Hostig Annual Blanket and Stuffed Animal Collection!n

For the past several years the California Highway Patrol in Running Springs and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office have co-sponsored a wonderful drive to help collect new fleece blankets and new stuffed animals.

The warm, soft blankets and animals will be given to help children that are in some type of emergency such as an auto accident. For a scared child something warm to cuddle can be an enormous help during a time of emergency and uncertainty.

While your experience may be very different than mine, if you can donate a blanket or stuffed animal and take them to the CHP station on Hilltop Boulevard in Running Springs or the Sheriff’s Station in Twin Peaks I know they’ll be happy to take your donation or donations. Needless to say the one’s who will really appreciate the donations are the children who need some “warm fuzzies” at a difficult time.

The final pick up will be December 23. Donations can be taken to the CHP station which is located on Hillltop Blvd (also known as Hwy 18) next to the Running Springs Water District office.



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